Pages are templates designed to house content, which is contained in different sorts of blocks. Pages will default to 'display in navigation' which means that they will appear as part of the site architecture. To over-ride this, the 'display in navigation' box should be un-ticked under the 'basic info' tab on the page.

Landing page

Landing pages are used to hold collections of themed content and designed to encouraged users to navigate to the content areas of interest to them. 


Article page

Article pages are the most frequently used on the Asthma UK website. They have 2/3 width layout (1/3 being a channel for related content blocks). 



Full width page

Full width pages extend across the width of the entire page (so have no right-hand side column). These are used where full width blocks (such as for donations) are used. 

Events page

This page allows you to include event-type details, eg location, date, etc.


Events hub page

The events hub page can be used to display categories of events, or any other type of category. 

Events listing page

Events listing pages are used as a way to present categories of events or other sorts of content, for example case studies

 Video listing/hub page

This is a full width page with a 'Categorized Page Search Block’ added. This is used to display collections of videos and has been deployed to support the UKIG video product.