Stepped journey blocks

These blocks are used to create a stepped journey, for example on the child diagnosis pages.

Journey step listing block

This is used to create a landing page for journey step pages. The content for these is pulled from article pages underneath it in the navigation tree. This can, however, be overwritten.  The title from summary/title, the dscription from summary/description and the CTA from journey listing CTA.


Journey navigation block

This can be used to orient the user so that they know which step of the journey they are on. The copy pulls from article summary/link text (this also populates ‘next/back’ buttons). To edit ‘steps’ copy on block by clicking on right-hand ‘edit’ function then edit the ‘Title’ text. Edits appear across blocks if the same block is used across pages. If different text needed on different pages/mobile, then create new block with different title text

Next / back buttons

The descriptive copy for these is edited in article/summary link text (this also populates the nav block). Display numbers (on / off) is edited in the block.