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Asthma digital health

We believe digital health technology has a significant role to play in stopping asthma attacks and curing asthma.

Digital technology has the potential to help people with asthma better manage their condition, and could reveal new insights to get us closer to cures.

The evidence for asthma digital health technology

Our Connected asthma report, published in 2016, details how digital technologies could transform asthma care, with the potential to support self-management and improve care from healthcare professionals. We also recently published our Smart asthma report, which highlights the opportunities and requirements for widespread adoption of smart inhalers in the UK.

We've also been immensely proud to lead the European Asthma Research and Innovation Partnership, working with international experts and people with asthma to identify the most important challenges remaining in asthma, including those related to self-management.

Our work in asthma digital health research

We are participating in research projects to develop new innovation for asthma. This includes partnering on the EU-funded myAirCoach, which is working to develop a system that uses new monitory approaches and novel sensors to help people with asthma manage their condition. As part of this project, we have helped gather insights on what people with asthma, and the healthcare professionals who treat them, are looking for from mHealth technologies.

Accelerating innovation in asthma digital health

We’re piloting a new approach to asthma digital health innovation, focused on putting the user at the heart of digital product development. We are calling it Asthma Lab - though you are more likely to see post-its and whiteboards than test tubes and white coats.

Learn more about Asthma Lab

We have compiled a selection of resources, reports and organisations, designed to help professionals working in digital health. View the resources page.