Sign your patients up for the 12-Week Asthma Support Programme

What is the 12-Week Asthma Support Programme
and how can it help your patients?

Originally funded by a grant from the Department of Health, the 12-Week Asthma Support Programme is a free programme developed by asthma clinicians and health psychology experts. It is designed to motivate patients to manage their asthma well.

Innovative in its approach, this programme identifies and challenges patients’ beliefs about their asthma and their medicines, improving self-management and adherence. Patients will leave the programme with new confidence and skills to continue managing their asthma well even after the programme has ended. They will also have a better understanding about what’s holding them back from good asthma management, including beliefs about adherence and self-care.

By spending as little as 10-15 minutes your patients can look forward to:

  • Personalised emails and texts with top tips promoting greater asthma confidence 
  • Access to dedicated web pages with activities to help them develop their own ability to manage their asthma using proven behaviour change techniques
  • Support from our dedicated team of Programme Advisors through WhatsApp messaging, motivating participants to stay well with their asthma
  • The chance to turn their asthma health around 

The 12-Week Asthma Support Programme helps you help your patients

By the end of the programme you can expect to see a real change in your asthma patients: they’re likely to be managing their asthma much more effectively, taking the medicines you’ve prescribed for them, attending asthma reviews, and enjoying a lower asthma attack risk.

What’s the cost to the CCG?

The 12-Week Asthma Support Programme is free to participants and CCGs, and can supplement and bring real value to routine asthma care in the NHS, for example by promoting regular asthma reviews. One key objective of the programme is to reduce asthma attacks and hospitalisations with the accompanying cost savings for the NHS/CCGs.

Which of my asthma patients are eligible for the programme?

You can recommend this programme to any of your patients with mild to moderate asthma (not severe) who are aged 18+ and have had at least one asthma attack requiring a hospital visit and/or oral steroid tablets in the past 12 months. They’ll need a smartphone to access emails, texts and WhatsApp.

Your patients can get further information about the programme on our website. We are currently getting ready to launch the next programme, so if they keep an eye on our website they can sign up when it becomes available.

You can also let them know that this programme was developed by Asthma + Lung UK with support from the Department of Health and has been developed by asthma clinicians and health psychology experts.


How do they sign up?

All your patients need to get started on the programme is the link to our 12-Week Asthma Support Programme webpage where they can find out more and find out when our next programme is starting.

Asthma + Lung UK’s clinical and data governance

Asthma + Lung UK takes clinical and data governance very seriously. Asthma + Lung UK is registered under the Data Protection Act as a Data Controller: registration number Z7333971 You can read more about this here.

Careful consideration has been given to the best way to support participants, and has identified that the programme is not suitable for people with severe anxiety or depression. If during the eligibility questionnaire or during the nurse calls, we identify that someone has a significant clinical or mental health problem we will direct the patient to local support services and encourage them to speak with their GP.

If you have any further questions, or would like to order some 12-Week Asthma Support Programme cards to give to your patients, please email letting us know where you heard about the programme.