The Asthma UK Data Portal

The Asthma UK Data Portal is an interactive digital platform that enables you to see the latest figures on asthma.

The Asthma UK Data Portal is a new online tool allowing healthcare professionals, people with asthma and anyone interested in asthma to understand how asthma is affecting people across the UK through data and trends, kept all in one place. The tool will allow you to explore trends in asthma outcomes, such as whether there are certain times of the year where emergency hospital admissions peak as well as what asthma outcomes are like in your local area.

Visit the Asthma UK Data Portal

Please note that the Data Portal is currently only available on desktop and laptop devices - not tablets or smartphones. 

If you are using a mobile phone or tablet you can view our selection of asthma facts and stats.

Data included

The Asthma UK Data Portal includes data on:

Find out about emergency asthma admissions across the UK

Emergency admissions

Asthma hospitalises thousands each year in the UK, and you can find out:

  • the monthly totals for asthma admissions in the UK
  • rates of admissions by CCG
  • emergency asthma admissions by age and sex
Our data portal shows the higher rate of asthma-related deaths that occur because of the colder conditions

Excess winter deaths

We know that more people die from asthma in the winter months. This page shows the higher rate of asthma-related deaths that occur because of the colder conditions.

It also includes data on:

  • How many people who are registered to their GP have a diagnosis of asthma
  • How many people receive an annual asthma review
  • How many people die from asthma
  • How many people claim disability living allowance (DLA) due to asthma
  • How much asthma costs the UK

How-to guide

We've created a simple guide on how to make the most of the Data Portal.

Download the guide here