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Running Events

We have lots of running events taking place right across the UK and beyond throughout the year.

From 5ks (which you can even do with kids) to 10ks, on to half marathons, marathons and ultra marathons there are lots of events which are just waiting for you and your trainers!


26.2 miles of hard work gets you into the elite marathon running club. Check out our selection of runs and sign up for the one that tickles your fancy.

Half marathons and 10-mile runs

We have half marathons across the UK where you can join our team and run the course with lots of other Team Asthma UK supporters to raise funds.

10k runs

10k runs are the most popular running distance in the UK. Sign up for one of our events and find out why so many others love this distance.

5k runs

5k runs are great for maintaining your fitness, starter events and for doing with others. Take a look at our events you can get involved in.

Ultra marathons

Want to push yourself even further than a marathon? We have ultra-marathons for the truly fit (and maybe slightly crazy!).

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