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Past winners

Check out the latest lottery and raffle results below to see if you are one of our lucky winners!

Autumn 2016 Raffle Winners

Thank you to all our players for entering the Autumn Raffle 2016 and congratulations to all our winners below. The draw took place on Monday November 21st - here are the winners:

The winner of the £5,000 jackpot is Mr Pilkington

The second prize of £1,000 goes to Mrs Greasley

Our winner of £500 is Mr Grange

The 10 winners of £50 are:

Mr Mayo
Mrs Moore
Mrs Davidson
Mrs Sheldon
Mr Calderwood
Ms Perkins
Mrs Stedman
Mrs Bantock
Dr McLean
Mr Greenough

Autumn 2016 Raffle £250 Speed Draw

Postal Speed Draw Winner: 

The Reverend Whawell (23/09/2016)

Online Speed Draw Winner:

Miss Ryan (30/09/2016)

Asthma UK Lottery

Our lottery draw takes place every week and gives away £1,475 in prizes, including our top prize of £1,000!

All the winners below have played and were lucky enough to win in October, so many congratulations to all of them.

October 2016

Here are the £1,000 winners for our weekly draws in October:

Mr Nicholls (07/10/2016)
Dr Mackie (14/10/2016)
Mrs Barclay (21/10/2016)
Mrs Wright (28/10/2016)

Our £250 winners for our weekly draws in October are:

Mr Dwyer (07/10/2016)
Mr Styring (14/10/2016)
Doctor Josephs (21/10/2016)
Mr Wood (28/10/2016)

Every week four people win £25 and the weekly winners for October are:

Mr Banks (07/10/2016)
Mrs Underwood (07/10/2016)
Mr Wilson (07/10/2016)
Mrs Longstaff (07/10/2016)
Mrs Down (14/10/2016)
Mr Williams (14/10/2016)
Mr Pugh (14/10/2016)
Ms Walker (14/10/2016)
Mrs Bainbridge (21/10/2016)
Mr Davies (21/10/2016)
Mr Pettinger (21/10/2016)
Mrs Martin (21/10/2016)
Mrs White (28/10/2016)
Mrs Mousley (28/10/2016)
Mrs Hitchings (28/10/2016)
Mr Nutall (28/10/2016)

Every draw also gives 25 players the chance to win £5 and the winners for October are:


Mrs Haywood, Mrs Brown, Miss Newbery, Miss Bailey, Mr Heath, Mrs Ambekar, Mrs John, Mr Foster, Mrs Jones, Miss Owen, Mrs Williams, Mr Harpley, Mrs Fluck, Mrs Lawless, Mr Cooke, Mrs Bates, Mrs Moss, Mr Hopkins, Mrs Sykes, Mrs Loader, Mr Hull, Ms Harris, Mr Day, Mr Doal, Ms Hunt.


Mrs Kinchington, Mrs Wymer, Mrs Galloway, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Ferguson, Mr Steel, Mrs Wall, Mrs Badger, Mrs Hibbert, Mr Moore, Mr Wardle, Mrs Black, Mrs Maslen, Miss Hodgson, Mrs Stanley, Miss Berry, Mrs Shepherd, Mr Jaswal, Mrs Hughesdon, Mrs Russell, Mrs Peshawaria, Mrs Alderson, Mr Foreman, Mrs Anniss, Mrs Smith


Mr Hearn, Mrs Miller, Mr Richards, Mrs Cannings, Mrs More, Mrs Walker, Mr Gilder, Mrs Wilks, Mrs Collins, Mrs White, Mr Wilkinson, Mr Cassells, Mrs Jones, Mr Macdonald, Mr Branwich, Mr Nicholson, Mrs Madeley, Mr Dorrell, Ms Parsons, Mr Karem, Ms Mcardle, Mr Williamson, Mr Wayborn, Mrs Jones, Mrs Mousley.


Mr Prior, Miss Hilliard, Mrs Hobson, Mrs Parkin, Mrs Counsell, Mrs Buckenham, Mrs Chamberlain, Mr Barrie, Mrs Vavasour, Mrs Lawton, Miss Metson, Mrs Gutteridge, Mrs Ricketts, Mrs Kerbadj, Mrs Smith, Mrs Evans, Mr Edwards, Ms Wallace, Ms Gossage, Mr Davies, Miss Woodworth, Mr Boon, Mrs Mills, Mr Hopkins, Mr Common.