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Discover our information, tools, and resources for healthcare professionals working with people with asthma. 

View our latest health advice about coronavirus and COVID-19 for people with asthma.

Download and complete personalised asthma action plans with your patients. We have nine different languages available.

Access our user-friendly resources and online tools for people with asthma.

Help your patients improve their inhaler technique.

Our Asthma UK Helpline provides expert support, advice and information for your patients, on the phone and through our WhatsApp service.

All the latest asthma news, information and much more in one convenient place.

Our service to meaningfully involve patients in research

Smart asthma outlines the opportunities for smart inhalers to help improve how asthma care is managed by healthcare professionals.

The Respiratory Futures website has a library of respiratory research papers, case studies, reports and surveys.

Find our how we create clear, up-to-date and reliable health information.

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Last updated May 2021

Next review due May 2024

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