The Spring 2020 Raffle is now closed

Spring 2020 Raffle Winners

The raffle was drawn on Friday 29 May - are you one of our lucky winners?

£5,000 1st prize
- Mrs Greenfield, Dumfries
£1,000 2nd prize - Mrs Wallis, Surrey
£500 3rd prize - Mr Green, Coventry

£50 runner-up prizes:
Miss Walker, West Yorkshire
Miss Robertson, West Midlands
Mrs Arnold, Oxfordshire
Mrs Smith, Essex
Mr Evans, Cornwall
Mrs Clarke, Hertfordshire
Mrs Ross, Warwickshire
Mrs Weeks, Surrey
Ms Fey, Surrey
Mr Bruce, Bristol

£250 speed draw winner: Mrs Bristow, West Yorkshire

Congratulations to those who won, and thank you so much to everyone who entered or gave a donation.

Every raffle ticket bought made a difference

The Spring 2020 Raffle raised an amazing £40,000 for Asthma UK - thank you everyone who entered or gave a donation!

The coronavirus crisis saw a huge increase in calls from desperate people to the Helpline. The money raffle players like you helped raise was enough to cover the cost 1,333 hours of an asthma nurse's time on the Helpline, offering potentially lifesaving advice.  It could also help us prepare for whatever is round the corner. 

Thank you

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