Asthma grand challenges

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Understanding and diagnosing asthma

Solve the mysteries of asthma

Why are more people getting asthma? Why is it different from person to person, and from children to adults? Where do physical, economic and social factors come in? By unlocking these mysteries we will find new treatments and a cure.

Make diagnosis faster, cheaper and more accurate

Diagnosing asthma is particularly difficult and expensive, and can be a distressing and exhausting experience. We want to make this better. 

Treating asthma

Make sure people with asthma have the right treatment for them

Everyone with asthma experiences it differently. We want to use advances in science, data and technology to make current treatments work better, and develop new treatments for people who need them. 

Find new ways to prevent asthma attacks

Every ten seconds someone in the UK has a potentially life-threatening asthma attack. Finding new ways to identify key triggers and warning signs will help prevent these. 

Managing asthma

Make asthma easy to manage through health technology

We want to harness technology to make managing asthma easier. This means ensuring there are simple, cost-effective products that solve the biggest problems in self-care for people with asthma.

Help people with asthma make the most of the NHS

We want people with asthma to be confident users of a healthcare system that delivers excellent asthma care, country-wide. 

Share your experiences of living with asthma or caring for someone with asthma to help shape future research

We support high-quality research carried out to the highest standards

Meet some of our world-class asthma researchers