European Asthma Research and Innovation Partnership (EARIP)

The European Asthma Research and Innovation Partnership brings together asthma experts to identify areas of asthma research that need investment.

For the past three years, Asthma UK has led and co-ordinated a pan-European research project that aimed to identify the most promising areas of research that scientists and funders should focus on to make better progress for people with asthma. The project was called the European Asthma Research and Innovation Partnership (EARIP).

The overall aims of this were: to reduce deaths from asthma attacks in Europe by 25% within ten years and 50% within 20 years; to halve hospital admission rates as a result of asthma; speed up the discovery of new treatments; and improve self-management by people with asthma.

EARIP brought together researchers, healthcare professionals, industry, patient groups (including Asthma UK), people with asthma, and policy makers for an ambitious project that would for the first time produce a 'roadmap' to guide researchers as to the best route to take in asthma research. The roadmap will help to bring researchers together to focus them on the same areas of promising research, transforming the way that we do research and the speed of change – this puts us on the cusp of great things.

To do this, research conducted analyses of a variety of areas of research to identify the areas with most scientific promise – these areas included basic biology, new treatments, health and care systems, self-management, and diagnostic tools.

From all of these areas, a comprehensive list of the top 15 research priorities was pulled together, with the input of all of the groups taking part within the project. This list represents priorities for research for scientists and doctors as well as over 1,600 people with asthma from across Europe – ensuring that any progress will translate into benefits to the lives of people living with asthma. The result is our roadmap, with areas of research that stand to make the best progress for people with asthma if research in these areas is supported.

A research project of this scale and ambition has never been conducted in asthma research before – we now need to build on these fantastic outcomes to ensure that asthma research receives the attention and funding that it deserves, and that we can make the breakthroughs that we need.

You can find out more about the EARIP project as it progresses on its dedicated website.

We will now work with the European Commission and individual European member states to explore models for investment in asthma Research & Development that can address this patient-defined agenda.

You can find out more about our campaign for increased investment in asthma research here.  

The European Asthma Research and Innovation Partnership is supported by the European Commission through the FP7 programme (GA: 602077)