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Asthma + Lung UK is currently funding research in line with our pioneering 2016-21 Research Strategy and funds research through the following types of awards.

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Senior Fellowships

The aim of these awards is to identify and invest in a new generation of asthma superstar scientists. Clinical Fellowships are available for up to £250,000 and Basic Fellowships for up to £225,000, both for up to five years.

Studentships are available to provide foundation training in research for graduates and build up the critical mass of asthma researchers in the UK. Studentships are available for up to £100,000 for four years.

Project Grants

These awards aim to enable world-class research teams to tackle challenges in priority areas of asthma research. Project Grants are available for up to £300,000 for up to three years.

Innovation Grants

Innovation Grants are smaller awards to explore original ideas in inherently novel priority asthma research areas and to stimulate innovation in asthma science. Funding is available for up to £50,000 for up to 18 months.

Commissioned research In 2012, we funded Priority Needs Grants of variable amounts to address some of the major unanswered questions in asthma research and service delivery as highlighted by Asthma + Lung UK and people with asthma.

Centres Asthma + Lung UK currently funds two Centres, the Asthma + Lung UK Centre for Applied Research and MRC-Asthma + Lung UK Centre in Allergic Mechanisms of Asthma.

Through the Centres Asthma + Lung UK continues to fund world-class laboratory-based research and is building the UK's expertise in applied asthma science to deliver benefits for people with asthma.

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