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If you would like people affected by asthma to be involved in your research or to participate in your study please fill in the form below. Before filling in the form please download and read our guidance notes. Please email us at if you have any questions or would like to discuss your plans.

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Application form for researchers wishing to involve people with asthma in their research

Section 1: Contact Information

We collect telephone and email addresses so we can contact you regarding your request for research involvement. If you wish the Research and Policy volunteers to contact you directly about your opportunity, your contact information will also be published with your research opportunity (on whichever platform(s) you select). We will not use your contact details for any other purpose unless you select to hear from us by email in the option provided below. Our full Privacy Policy describes how we use your information.

Please let us know if you would like to receive email updates from Asthma UK. If you select 'Yes', you will receive updates surrounding research from Asthma UK.

Would you like to receive updates surrounding research from Asthma UK?*

Secion 2: Research opportunity details

Type of involvement requested (please tick relevant boxes)
Does the project require ethics or research governance approval?

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Is insurance cover in place for participants?

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In no more than 300 words please give a summary of the proposed activity, including all of the details listed below. We will use this summary to determine whether we can share your request for research involvement:

  • Background to the work and organisation(s) involved;
  • Activity to be undertaken and how this fits with Asthma UK’s aims, objectives and priority areas as identified in its Research Strategy including which of the EARIP priorities this aligns with;
  • Method of involvement (e.g. remote, telephone, email, meetings etc.);
  • Frequency of involvement (e.g. number of meetings per year);
  • Period of involvement (e.g. number of weeks/months);
  • Time needed for any additional involvement (e.g. reading time);
  • What support is provided (e.g. mentoring, induction, training, etc.); and
  • How the research will benefit people with asthma in the future.

(If you are conducting a project on behalf of a third party please include information about this organisation.)

Section 3: Eligibility criteria for opportunity

Type of person affected by asthma? (tick all the apply)
Type of asthma (tick all that apply)
Level of asthma control (tick all that apply)

Section 4: Obligations to participants

Will you provide the information to participants as detailed in the guidelines accompanying this form?
If required, can you provide information appropriate to the needs of the participant (including foreign languages and Braille)?
Will out of pocket expenses be paid?

Section 5: Research and Policy Volunteer Bulletin Template

Please provide a 100-200 word blurb providing information about your study, incorporating all of the details listed below. This blurb will then be used in our monthly RaP volunteers email bulletin. Please ensure that you use plain English to describe your study, and please keep the text relevant, short and catchy.

  • Lay study title;
  • Institution;
  • About the study e.g. include project aims, methodology, expectations from volunteers, how it will benefit people with asthma in the UK;
  • Type of opportunity e.g. patient representative/consultant – providing feedback on a patient information leaflet and your experiences of asthma health care; 
  • When this study will be recruiting;  
  • What participants will be asked to do e.g. volunteers will attend a focus group where they will be asked to comment on an information leaflet for people with asthma; 
  • Who can take part e.g. women with mild or moderate asthma in the Midlands; 
  • Who is conducting the research;
  • Who has reviewed the study;
  • How will the study benefit people with asthma;
  • Expenses e.g. Travel and subsistence costs will be covered by the researchers; and;
  • What next/who to contact.

Section 6: Declaration

I/we understand that allowing recruitment of people affected by asthma through Asthma UK does not imply that Asthma UK is in any way responsible for the opportunity and is, therefore, not liable for any claims concerning negligence, harm or oversight that might arise during the course of the opportunity *
I/we agree to provide Asthma UK with a summary report of the findings once they are made publicly available (if applicable) and feedback of the opportunity*
I/we agree to provide Asthma UK with advance notice of any media releases or publications or publications arising from the research*
I/we agree to make every attempt to publish the findings of the research regardless of a positive or negative outcome*
I/we agree to fulfil all the obligations to participants as detailed in section 4 of the application form *
I / we agree to comply with GDPR requirements with regards to any information supplied by volunteers who may contact us*

Section 7: Monitoring

How did you hear about involving people with asthma in research through Asthma UK?