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Asthma UK working in partnership to drive patient-centric research and increase investment in research.

We have therefore developed a partnership strategy to: promote and increase patient-centric research, empower people with asthma to be meaningfully involved in research, and increase insight and overall investment in asthma research.

What Asthma UK can offer

With years of experience and a strong network of patient experts, Asthma UK is uniquely positioned to facilitate public and patient involvement (PPI) for a broad range of projects and activities, and we are eager to hear from researchers who want to involve people with asthma in their research.

As a co-applicant or collaborator on your project application to an external funder, Asthma UK can provide a variety of support and services, such as:

  • Facilitation and coordination of the involvement of people with asthma throughout the lifetime of a project (e.g. via a Patient Advisory Board)
  • Support for patient recruitment and dissemination throughout our networks
  • Experienced research professionals who can provide thought leadership, input to the design and aims of a research proposal, and workshop and event support
  • Experienced policy professionals who can act as a neutral broker to introduce and manage new stakeholder relationships, and support the onward adoption of a project's outputs

As a co-applicant we require the costs associated with these services to be included in the overall budget for the grant application to cover staff costs.

For R&D projects where external funding is not being sought, Asthma UK can also offer development of bespoke user insight via our paid Asthma Lab Innovation Consultancy service.

Why work with Asthma UK?

Asthma UK has over 15 years' experience in patient and public involvement and access to a large network within the asthma community. In addition, we have a network of over 200 trained patient experts which includes people with severe asthma and parents of children with asthma (Research and Policy Volunteers). We have previously led patient involvement as a co-applicant on multiple projects both in the UK and the EU (including RASP-UKU-BIOPRED and MyAirCoach). 

Hear from some of our research partners on the benefits of working with Asthma UK.

Asthma UK have developed guidance around how we work and general expectations around PPI. The Asthma UK Public & Patient Involvement Framework for Researchers, based on the 2018 NIHR standards for Public Involvement in Research, should be applied as appropriate for each project where Asthma UK is co-applicant. This document is for reference only. If you would like to use it, please contact

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