Share a #Scarfie, save a life

Prevent asthma attacks this winter with a #Scarfie

Wrapping a scarf around your nose and mouth can help prevent asthma attacks

This simple tip could help people all over the UK avoid potentially life-threatening asthma attacks. 

How #Scarfies can help prevent asthma attacks this winter

Breathing in cold winter air often causes asthma symptoms, and sometimes asthma attacks. Three-quarters of people with asthma told us this happens to them.

But when you breathe through a scarf, it warms the air up. This helps prevents the cold air irritating your airways and triggering an asthma attack.

All you need to do is wrap a scarf loosely over your nose and mouth to warm up the air before you breathe it in.

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Advice for managing your asthma this winter

There are loads of things you can do to look after yourself and your asthma this winter. Read our page on weather triggers to work out how you can manage them.

Asthma in cold weather