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Montelukast is a medicine to help prevent asthma symptoms. It is as an ‘add on’ tablet to take alongside your usual asthma preventer inhaler. It is a type of medicine called a leukotriene receptor

Avoid a back to school asthma attack

More children end up in hospital with their asthma in the autumn term. Act now to keep your child safe when they go back to school.

Common concerns about your child’s medicines

It is OK to have questions about your child’s asthma medicines - we answer the most common queries that parents of children with asthma have.

How to get the best from your asthma review

An asthma review is your chance to talk to your GP or asthma nurse about how you can manage your asthma symptoms better, and make sure you’re taking your inhaler in the best way. Even if you feel

Talking to your child about asthma

How to talk to your child about their asthma. Even if they’re really young, talking can help them understand the condition and take it seriously without being scared.

Managing asthma in adults

Managing your asthma can help keep you symptom-free, so asthma doesn’t stop you enjoying life.

Salbutamol can save lives, says Asthma UK

Following the news that cyclist Chris Froome has taken Salbutimol for his asthma, Asthma UK's Nurse Manager, Sonia Munde, responds.

Managing the cost of your medicines

If you live in England, you may have to pay standard prescription charges for your asthma medicines. The good news is that lots of people with asthma qualify for free prescriptions. And even if you

Asthma symptoms getting worse

Studies show that symptoms often rapidly increase two or three days before an asthma attack. So it’s very important to be able to spot the common signs that show asthma’s getting worse. If you get

When sex triggers your asthma symptoms

Having sex can be an asthma trigger, just like any exercise. But, with good management of your symptoms, your sex life will be unaffected. If you do get symptoms while have sex make sure you: say you

Inhaler and medicine shortages

How will I know if there's a shortage of my asthma medicines? The NHS will let GPs and pharmacists know if there is a shortage that means they need to make any changes to your prescribed asthma

Memo re asthma inhaler photos

Asthma UK can provide media outlets with photos of children using asthma inhalers (and spacers) for online or print publication free of charge.

Testing for asthma

Everything your doctor might do to diagnose whether your child or baby has asthma – from checking family history, to medical tests and ‘trial of treatment’

Fasting and asthma

Fasting, in one form or another, has always been an important and often necessary part of religious life, discipline and experience in every faith.

Music and asthma

Can your asthma be improved by playing a brass or woodwind instrument, or learning to sing?

How is severe asthma treated?

Find out how your healthcare team might treat your severe asthma, from medicines such as steroid tablets to treatments including bronchial thermoplasty.

Stay well with your asthma at music festivals

Have fun this festival season with our asthma-friendly tips and advice. With pollen, bonfires, drink and cigarette smoke there may be more asthma triggers than usual. So pack your inhalers as well as

Understanding your child’s first GP appointment for suspected asthma

Seeing your doctor about possible asthma symptoms for the first time can leave you with questions – our expert nurse answers them

Quiz for parents and carers

Got a child with asthma in the family? Find out how you’re getting on having a child with asthma in the family with our quick quiz

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