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4 reasons your asthma medicine might change

If you're wondering why your asthma medicine has been changed, find the answers here

Asthma UK alert: Fifty Shades of ‘Grey Fever’

Pollen levels today and levels look set to be remaining high for the rest of this week for most of the UK.

Asthma UK comment on severe weather warnings across Scotland

With reports of severe cold weather hitting Scotland, it's really important that people with asthma in Scotland understand how to manage their condition.

Difficult to control asthma

Some people who have a lot of difficult asthma symptoms and frequent asthma attacks may not be given a diagnosis of 'severe' asthma, but told they have ‘difficult to control’ asthma instead. Find out

Inhalers and spacers

A detailed breakdown of the inhalers, medicines and treatments that can help relieve asthma symptoms and cut the risk of asthma attacks.

Blog post: You can stop asthma ruining your love life

In our blog we reveal the results of our Asthma and Your Love Life survey and explain how you can stop asthma getting in the way of personal relationships...

Asthma and pregnancy

During pregnancy your body goes through many changes and this can affect your asthma in different ways.


Theophylline can help to relieve breathlessness by relaxing muscles in your airways so they open up, and the air can flow through them more easily.

Press release: Using inhalers can lead to mocking and social exclusion for teenagers

A new study by the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research has found that teenagers with asthma are embarrassed to use their inhalers.

Frequently asked questions

Can you die from an asthma attack? Are asthma and hay fever linked? Do asthma medicines cause side effects? Are steroids for asthma safe? Will your baby have asthma too? Get expert answers to common

Colds and flu

Colds and flu can be miserable for anyone, but if you have asthma they can potentially trigger symptoms.

Asthma when you’re older

Whether you’ve only recently been diagnosed or you’ve had asthma all your life, it’s important to make sure your asthma is well managed as you get older.

Pollen, hay fever and asthma

Find out how an allergy to pollen causes hay fever, how hay fever affects your asthma, and get tips on how to manage it so it has less impact on your daily life.

What to do if your child has an asthma attack

Easy-to-follow emergency advice on what to do if your child has an asthma attack, when to call 999 and when to see your doctor.

Routine asthma care set to be revolutionised by digital technologies

Connected devices, including smart inhalers, are likely to lead to a complete digital health revolution in asthma care.

Help your child manage their own asthma

From toddlers through to teens, there’s a lot you can do to help a child with asthma learn about the condition and feel confident about what they can do to stay on top of asthma symptoms.


From hot to cold to thunderstorms, weather can trigger asthma symptoms. Find out why different kinds of weather, and sudden changes in temperature, can make your asthma worse - and get expert tips on

Blog post: NICE updates asthma guidelines

What new NICE guidelines mean for asthma diagnosis and treatment

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