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Quiz: What’s your asthma attitude?

Get your child with asthma to take our quick quiz. It’s a great way to encourage them to talk about how they feel about having the condition.

"There's no reason you shouldn't be the best"

Paula Radcliffe MBE is a marathon world record holder with asthma. She talks to us about her determination to succeed and not let asthma hold her back...

Take Steps

Take Steps This June, walk any distance you want, when you want and where you want. Walking laps of your garden, swapping the school run for a stroll, or hiking at weekends – it all counts!   Set

Manage your child’s asthma well

There are a few things you need to do to make sure your child stays well with their asthma.

Studying with asthma

School, college and university are can be stressful enough without asthma, especially with exams and deadlines. But, there are practical things you can do, like taking your preventer every day,

Asthma and teenagers

Whether you’re at secondary school or college, looking for your first job, or getting the hang of looking after your asthma, we’ve put together some helpful advice on what to expect with asthma as a

Leveraging behavioural science to design better asthma health technology

Leveraging behavioural science to design better asthma health technology How better understanding of asthma self-management can lead to identifying key areas of unmet need Each day in the UK,

Asthma and your child's sleep

Asthma symptoms can keep a child with asthma and their whole family awake at night.

3 ways to look after your child’s asthma this summer

Easy ways to keep on top of your child's asthma during school holidays, with tips on going away, leaving your child with other people, and staying in routine.

Types of asthma

People use different terms to describe the different types of asthma, because everyone with asthma experiences the condition differently.

Blog post: How people with asthma can make a difference to research

Asthma UK’s Research and Policy volunteers, our expert patient volunteer network, have been providing unique insight for asthma researchers for over ten years.

Phlegm, mucus and asthma

Find out what phlegm is and what it could mean if yours is a different colour to usual.

Changing asthma medicines

If you've had your inhaler or other asthma medicines changed, our advice and support answers all your questions to make changing medicines hassle-free

Transition from child to adult asthma care

Transition is when your healthcare team supports you in moving from children’s asthma care services to adult asthma services. A good transition plan can help you feel more confident about managing

Press release: Sex survey reveals how asthma affects people's relationships

Asthma UK launches their Valentine's Day awareness campaign after their survey reveals how asthma affects people's sex and relationships

Asthma UK comment on new flu strain

90% of people with asthma find that colds and flu make their asthma worse, putting them at an increased risk of a potentially life threatening asthma attack.

“Asthma doesn’t stop me from doing the sports I love”

Blogger, Beki Cadd (aka 'Miss Wheezy') doesn't let asthma stop her from being active and taking part in Asthma UK fundraising events. Read her story...

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