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Keeping track of your child's symptoms and peak flow

Easy ways to record your child’s cough, wheeze, breathlessness or tight chest – so you can keep track and help your doctor diagnose your child

Peak in asthma deaths sparks winter survival guide

December and January are the deadliest months of the year for people with asthma, figures for the past decade have revealed, sparking the release of a winter survival guide from Asthma UK.

Filling in patients’ asthma action plans

Find out how to complete your patient’s asthma action plan so they can benefit from an effective, safe, and personalised plan.

Tests to diagnose and monitor asthma

Find out about asthma tests used to diagnose and monitor asthma including FeNO, spirometry, and peak flow.

Testing for asthma

Everything your doctor might do to diagnose whether your child or baby has asthma – from checking family history, to medical tests and ‘trial of treatment’


Our resources have been put together to make life easier for people with asthma. Whether you’re a person with asthma, parent, carer, or healthcare professional, you’ll find the right resources for

People with asthma delaying seeking emergency treatment for potentially life threatening asthma attacks as winter flu peak bites

A snap poll by Asthma UK reveals that 7 out of 10 (71%) respondents have had a potentially life threatening asthma attack in the past 4 weeks which may have required hospital treatment.

COVID-19 - what should people with asthma do?

COVID-19 - what should people with asthma do? How to reduce your risk from COVID-19 when you have asthma <!-- .urgent-care-header { position: relative; background: #B9201C; padding: 15px;

Blog post: Dr Samantha Walker's Q&A - Managing asthma and hay fever during peak pollen season

Have your noticed your hay fever symptoms are even more irritating than usual? That’s because we’re in ‘peak’ pollen season.

Monitoring severe asthma symptoms

There are lots of ways to keep track of your symptoms and it’s a good way for you and your doctor to manage your severe asthma better.

Managing severe asthma

This section has all the information you need on managing your severe asthma, including monitoring symptoms and how to work with healthcare professionals.

What to do when your medicine changes

5 things to do if your asthma medicines or inhalers change to help you stay in control of your asthma

Asthma UK comment on new flu strain

90% of people with asthma find that colds and flu make their asthma worse, putting them at an increased risk of a potentially life threatening asthma attack.

Asthma UK comment on severe weather warnings across Scotland

With reports of severe cold weather hitting Scotland, it's really important that people with asthma in Scotland understand how to manage their condition.

Quit smoking to lower your asthma risk

If you have asthma and smoke you're really taking a risk. Smoking, or being around other people smoking, can lead to asthma symptoms or even an asthma attack.

How to get the best from your asthma review

An asthma review is your chance to talk to your GP or asthma nurse about how you can manage your asthma symptoms better, and make sure you’re taking your inhaler in the best way. Even if you feel

My Legacy: No Child Should Miss Out Because of Asthma

My Legacy: No Child Should Miss Out Because of Asthma Gillian shares her story For my parents, it was devastating when I was diagnosed with bronchial asthma in 1949 at age five. My worst times as a

Making your case for specialist care

Sometimes people with asthma find it hard to access the specialist care they need for their asthma. Here we help you make your case for a specialist referral.

Adventure sports

If you fancy an adventure sport such as scuba diving or skiing, make sure you’re as physically fit as you can be and your asthma is well-controlled.

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