Share your opinion on social media sharing and asthma

Should information from your social media channels be used to produce better and more timely asthma advice?

Asthma + Lung UK is working on research with partners at the University of Exeter, The Met Office and Public Health England to understand how using social media channels and tracking the kind of information you share on them, might benefit asthma care.

For example, the things you share about your life on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – like how you’re feeling or places you’ve been – could potentially be used to produce the right asthma advice at the right time when there’s a seasonal trigger risk like high pollen.

Do you think that’s an inspired idea? Or does it make you feel uneasy? Either way, we need your opinions to shape this important research.

All entries are anonymous and completing the survey will only take around 4 minutes.

Informed consent

This survey is part of a project which is looking at whether we can and should use mentions of hay fever, asthma and pollen on social media to better predict and react to poor air quality. We are interested in whether people (over the age of 18) think it is acceptable for information they share on social media be used to help researchers and government departments better understand how many people have pollen related asthma and hay fever attacks, where those attacks happen, and whether this information should be used to help plan for health care needs.

For further information about the research please contact:
Sabina Leonelli, or Becca Lovell,, University of Exeter Medical School, K-Spa, Truro, TR1 3HD

If you have concerns/questions about the research you would like to discuss with someone else at the University, please contact: John Dupre,


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Data Protection Notice

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The research is funded by the Economic and Social Science Research Council.


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  • Any information which I give will be used solely for the purposes of this research project, which may include publications or academic conference or seminar presentations;
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