Our letter to transport companies

Why we've written to transport providers across the country about face coverings.

We're on your side


If you live with asthma, you'll know that sometimes wearing a face covering can be hard. We also know that if you're not able to wear a face covering, others might not always realise why. And that's why we've written to companies running public transport.

We have asked them to make sure their fantastic staff and customers know that people living with a lung condition like asthma are exempt from the rules that require face coverings on public transport.

We're so thankful to the dedicated workers who continued to get us around the country on buses and trains when we needed them the most.They helped our vital frontline NHS staff and all of our frontline workers arrive safely and on time at work by keeping transport links open. We can't thank them enough.

Now, we hope they'll spread the word to their staff and customers. We hope they'll make sure people with asthma aren't forced to feel like they have to wear a face covering, even if it makes breathing hard.

Read our letter (PDF, 343 KB)