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Air pollution is a health emergency. Across the UK it is at lethal levels and too little is being done to tackle it.

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“Breathing in filthy fumes from traffic left me wheezing and fighting for my life. After an evening out with friends in London, I had a terrible asthma attack. I felt like someone had their hands around my throat. I collapsed, and the rest is a bit of a blur. I was resuscitated in the back of an ambulance. Doctors battled to save me.”

Fern, 27, has asthma triggered by air pollution.

When she moved to London, she immediately noticed her asthma symptoms got worse. One asthma attack was so bad she was put into an induced coma for ten days.


It’s outrageous that dirty air is causing so much harm to people with asthma. We’re calling on the government to treat air pollution for what it is – an invisible threat to public health.

Support our calls for stronger clean air laws, a national health protection plan and an alert system that tells people and health services when air pollution levels are going to be high. Sign today and tell the UK’s leaders to urgently set out life-saving clean air plans.  


An invisible threat

Our new report examines the unfair ways air pollution is affecting the most disadvantaged communities. This invisible threat is a health emergency.

We set out new analysis showing people who are the most susceptible are being exposed in the places they should feel most safe and call for politicians to immediately commit to air pollution health protection plans and stronger clean air laws before it’s too late.

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Air pollution is an asthma trigger

An air pollutant is anything in the air that could harm people’s health. There are many types, but our two main focuses are Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) as they are at very high levels in the UK and are extremely harmful for health.

Air pollution is associated with the development and worsening of asthma in both children and adults.

Find out more about air pollution and how to protect yourself from it in our health advice.