Clear the Air campaign

Throughout COP26 and beyond we will be working to help #ClearTheAir from air pollution and demanding meaningful change from our leaders.

Political leaders have a once in a lifetime opportunity to save lives, protect our children's futures and level up our communities.

In our new report we reveal how air pollution unfairly impacts on some of the most disadvantage communities in the country and puts new-born babies at risk. The findings have shown how -

  • 85% of people living in areas with illegal levels of pollution make up the poorest 20% of the population
  • Every two minutes, a baby is born breathing in air so toxic it could blight their health for the rest of their life
  • The climate crisis is a health crisis, and both need to be tackled urgently

To support us in our calls for change, people from across the country have been telling us their stories on how air pollution effects them. You can see what they say in the report below.

Clear the air: Improving air quality to protect future generations and level up our communities

Read the report