Data sharing and technology

Exploring the attitudes of people with asthma

Asthma + Lung UK’s report, Data sharing and technology: Exploring the attitudes of people with asthma, presents the views of over 3000 people with asthma taken in early 2018.

We wanted to understand people with asthma’s attitudes to the sharing of personal health data for research and NHS service improvement, alongside their views on the use of new technology and data in their asthma care. 

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Key insights 

  • 88% of people with asthma would be willing for their confidential health data to be used for service improvement.
  • 94% of people with asthma would be willing for their anonymised health data to be used by an analytics company, in partnership with the NHS, to better identify people at risk of an asthma attack.
  • 83% of people with asthma are comfortable with their confidential health data being shared for research to develop new asthma treatments.
  • 93% of people with asthma would welcome the use of data collected through apps to tell healthcare professionals when their asthma needed to be reviewed.
  • 88% of people with asthma would be happy to use a smart inhaler if they were available on the NHS.


Front cover of data sharing and technology report

Read about how data can be used to transform asthma care.

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Key recommendations based on the findings of the report

  • For the NHS to trial and implement new health technologies, like smart inhalers, to help transform asthma treatment by delivering more personalised care.
  • For data to be shared and used in real-time to identify those at risk and prevent life threatening asthma attacks.
  • Continued and informed public dialogue about the benefits and risks of data sharing.
  • More public attitude research to further understand people’s views on data sharing.
  • Asthma should be considered as an exemplar condition for testing new health technology and data sharing initiatives.