Paul's story: A very personal thank you...

Thanks to you, your Helpline is able to save and change thousands of lives.

A personal thank you from Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson's life was transformed by your expert asthma Helpline.

Video: A personal thank you from Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson's life was transformed by your expert asthma Helpline.
Transcript for 'Paul's Story'

0:01 My name's Paul Wilson and since the age of two I have had asthma

0:06 I've had 48 admissions to hospital over the years to the point where I have almost had a bed set aside on a ward when I was younger and in my early adulthood as well

0:19 My GP said that I wouldn't see fifty unless I lost weight because my asthma was spiraling out of control

0:27 And she was saying "I have to be brutal Paul because that's reality of it". So based on that I went home in a bit of a panic, spoke to one of the asthma nurses on the phone and that then led to me having my medication changed

0:40 It led to me losing seven stone in weight, it led to me having a not having an asthma attack for the last three and a half years

0:47 I have now gone from being twenty-three stone to being just over 14 stone, I have consistent employment which I didn't have before because my employment was up and down because of the fact my health wasn't good

0:57 and it's all from a 10-minute conversation that I had with one of your nurses. The reason why I'm doing this is my way of saying thank you, because you have extended my life, you've given me more time at home with my kids

1:09 and you've made a 43-year old man feel an awful lot younger because I didn't feel my age, I felt much older.

1:19 I think people think asthma is one of these things that it's manageable, it's no big deal, there's loads of people have it, but they don't realize the reality - there are people that are dying because of it and it could have been me

1:30 and if I can do my little bit of saying thank you and it's raising money and awareness at the same time and also keeping myself healthy and fit then this is what today's been about. So thank you

How your support helped save and transform lives in 2018...

This year you've done so much to help stop asthma attacks and cure asthma:

  • 7,657 people received advice and support from your asthma Helpline nurses.
  • 1,075 people have been helped by your nurses using WhatsApp for the first time ever!
  • 80 researchers have been supported as they search for new ways of diagnosing, treating and curing asthma.