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A-Z of fundraising ideas for schools

Looking for inspiration? Check out our comprehensive list of ideas that are perfect for schools like yours!

If you’d like to chat about any of the below ideas further, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team at or 0300 222 5800.

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Furthermore, if you’d like to organise some fundraising for us you can order a range of free fundraising materials to help support your event.

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Art attack – seek inspiration from the old tv classic and have an art competition in class.


Bake sale – a classic fundraiser and a great way to get the children to show off their cake decorating skills! Make sure you take part in our Big Asthma Bake Sale in May.

Book sale- encourage children to bring in books they’ve finished reading and place them out for sale! Or why not a book swap where you pay a £1 and can swap any book you like for another new read?


Collections – We can send out collection tins, posters and banners to help you along the way!

Carol singing- get in the festive spirit by arranging some carol singing for a December evening. Be sure to have song sheets and mince pies at the ready!


Disco- Discos can be held pretty much anywhere, so transform the school hall with some lights and speakers and charge for tickets. Invite some other local schools to join the fun! 

Dance competition- get the children to come up with their own routines in pairs or groups and encourage family and friends to come watch. Why not sell refreshments on the night as well to raise some extra funds?


Easter egg hunt- a great way to get children in the Easter spirit! Ask everyone who wants to take part for an entrance donation and then let them loose to find the hidden eggs around the playground.

Enterprise challenge – great way of teaching your pupils some valuable business lessons whilst raising money for charity. Have pupils split off into groups and create their own business idea and name, then encourage a competition to see which team can raise the most money for Asthma UK as possible from their enterprise!


Fancy dress- perfect for occasions like Halloween or just for a fun Friday! Why not ask everyone to come into school dressed in purple for Asthma UK?

Fair – perfect during summertime or just before Christmas - bring your school to life with a Fair selling anything you like! Books, mince pies or cakes are some good examples.

Fun run- Why not find a circular route and ask children to pledge how many laps they’re willing to do? We can provide sponsorship forms for children who want to take part.


Games day – make the last day of term something to remember for pupils. Allow them to bring in games to play throughout the day in return for a small donation to Asthma UK.


Halloween dress down day – ask pupils to don their scariest attire and come to school for a day of trick or treating!

Haircut- why not do a sponsored haircut for those with flowing locks- or find someone really brave and ask them to go for the complete shave!


It’s a Knockout! – organise your own ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition! Raid the school sports cupboard for materials to help make for a successful event and get the whole school involved.

I’m a Celebrity dress down – for one day allow the school to become a jungle, with pupils dressing like their favourite celebrity or jungle critter! You could even organise some bush tucker trials for the staff to contend if you’re feeling brave!


James Bond day – whether you decide on a villain, henchman or Bond himself, there’s plenty of inspiration available for a Bond-themed school dress-down!

Jumble sale- an easy way for parents to clear out their family’s old items whilst raising money for Asthma UK! Set up stalls in the school hall for around home time and encourage pupils and parents alike to come drop off their possessions and browse.


Karaoke- got some X-Factor hopefuls? Set up a karaoke session one lunchtime and charge for entry. Get the teachers involved and the donations will flood in!


Lunch and learn – any budding chefs amongst the school staff? This is a chance to let them impart some culinary wisdom whilst providing the school with some tasty treats!


Music concert- an amazing way to show off any budding Mozarts or Bachs at the school, and a lovely occasion for friends and family to attend.


Non-uniform day- a timeless classic and always popular amongst pupils! Organise a sweet or cake sale alongside to add to the fun.


School Olympics! – take inspiration from another wonderful performance by Team GB at Rio 2016 and set up your own school Olympics covering everything from long jump to table tennis! Great way of getting everyone involved in a sport or activity that suits them.

Obstacle course- raid the sports cupboard and gym for some fun obstacles. Arrange some prizes for the fastest in each year group, a great way to have fun and get the kids active!


Pantomime- A really fun event, perfect for Christmas! Encourage friends and family to come and watch. All together now, ‘oh yes it is!’


Quit- encourage children to choose something to give up, such as sweets, fizzy drinks or crisps for a week or a month and get them to collect sponsorship! Involve the teachers as well and challenge them to give up a vice!


Raffle – you could choose to supplement another event, such as a Fair or jumble sale with a raffle – local businesses are often willing to donate prizes to a school raffle. Let us know if you need a letter of authority. 


Sponsored silence – a rare chance to get some minutes/hours of silence in the school playground!

Sponsored activity – walk, run, dance or jog – the options are endless! We can provide sponsor forms to each pupil wanting to take part.

Sports day- a staple of the year! We can send you collection tins to collect donations in on the day, or why not add to the fun with an ice cream sale?


Tug-of-war- pick your teams- how about teachers vs pupils or split the year groups in half and see who the strongest in the school truly are!

Talent show- from the weird to the wonderful a talent show is a great way to involve everyone’s different skills!

Tuck shop – pupils could either choose to set up their own pop-up sweet stall over lunchtime, or donate a section of profits from the established school tuck shop. Either way, it’s a great way to raise vital funds for Asthma UK!


Uniform day- a twist on the classic non-uniform day. Why not hold a ‘what I want to be when I grow up’ uniform day and watch the playground fill with doctors, policemen and builders!


Virtual challenge- set a challenge, whether this be run a marathon, swim the channel or cycle to London. Use PE lessons or after school to log your activity and see how far you can go!


Walk- perfect for the whole school and we can provide a host of tailored materials to help make your walk an occasion to remember, whilst raising money for a great cause.


Xmas cards – an easy way to get into the Christmas spirit early, children can create their own Christmas cards to hang around the school or give to staff/parents in return for a small donation.


Yoga- both relaxing and fun, grab your mats and prepare to get flexible! Why not organise a Yoga Marathon for a certain number of hours and bring in sponsorship from all those who take part.


Zumba – get your classroom involved in the increasingly-popular fitness pastime!

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