group of children smiling in the playground

Superstar School of the Term

We have some wonderful schools organising fundraising events in aid of Asthma UK.

Since January 2017, 70 primary and secondary schools have held fundraising events for Asthma UK. They’ve done everything from walks, cake sales and dress down days to raise vital funds for Asthma UK!  Read below for more information about our superstar school of the term… 

Victoria Primary School Edinburgh’s Video Game

What they did: Primary 7 learnt about asthma and how it effects the respiratory system in order to create their own video games. Following making their games they held an arcade to showcase their learning to the school and to fundraise for Asthma UK.

Their teacher Blair said “We really enjoyed making our games and finding out more about asthma! Thanks Asthma UK for all your support." 

What they achieved: Everyone who attended really enjoyed playing the games and learning me about asthma. They also raised vital funds for Asthma UK through placing collection boxes around the arcade, which means we can continue our important work.

School children playing video games in a hall

We are always looking for future super star schools of the term, so get in touch! Let us know about your fundraising to feature and to receive advice and support. Get in touch with the Community team or 0207 786 5042.