Help with asthma research and information

Find out how you can volunteer your time and experience of asthma to help us with our work


Join the Readers Panel

Do you want to help us create clear, supportive, and motivating health advice for people with asthma? Are you looking for a flexible volunteer role you can do from home in your own time?

We need people with asthma to tell us if our written advice is easy to understand, relevant, and to the point – and make suggestions about how it can be improved.

Join the Readers Panel for your chance to help create quality information for the thousands of people with asthma who visit our website and download our booklets.  

How the role works:

  1. The Advice & Content team emails you content (usually web pages). This is health advice that's either being developed or being reviewed and updated. 
  2. We set a deadline for you to email us your feedback by, and try to give you at least a week. Don’t worry if there are times when you’re too busy to help – just let us know!
  3. We pull all the Readers Panel feedback together and make changes to the information based on what you’ve told us.
  4. We update you on the final content so you can see how you’ve helped.

If you’re interested in this role you need to:

  • have asthma yourself, or be a carer/parent of someone with asthma, or be a healthcare professional with an interest in asthma
  • be able to review items by email and feed back to us by email
  • be willing to send in feedback on any items that you can - usually about once a month
  • be aged 18 or over.

What’s in it for you?

Joining the Readers Panel gives you the chance to:

  • read and review asthma information as it’s being developed or reviewed
  • pick up reviewing and editorial skills
  • pass on your knowledge to help other people with asthma manage their asthma well
  • be part of a national charity focused on improving the lives of people with asthma.

The Advice & Content team supports you in your role with:

  • welcome guidelines when you first start
  • quarterly email bulletins so you can see how you’ve helped
  • personal responses to your feedback
  • yearly check-ins to see how you’re enjoying the role.

Apply to join the Readers Panel

Become a Lay Advisory Panel member

Would you like to play a vital role in ensuring we have insight and input from people directly affected by asthma into our strategy, plans and key messages?

As a member of our Lay Advisory Panel you’ll act as a strategy sounding board for our Senior Leadership Team.

We are particularly interested in hearing from people who are newly diagnosed, are parents of young children with asthma or live in Scotland.

The role requires:

  • a commitment of two years on the Panel
  • that you have asthma yourself, or that you are a carer/parent of someone with asthma
  • participation at the Panel’s meetings at our offices in London, which are held three times a year
  • contact via email and occasional contributions in between meetings.

Apply to join the Lay Advisory Panel 

If you need more information about the role you can email Jasmine Parkinson on 

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